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You have no idea what I am talking about? In a nutshell, every year forest rangers monitor which grizzly bears return to eat salmon in Alaska on the Katmai river. An informal competition watch has developed and this female bear ate the most and gained the most. Sleep well mama bear. At least she wont have to run Philly when she wakes up in the spring.

More importantly, do you engage in risk taking behavior? I don’t skydive or free solo rock climb because they are too dangerous. But, I read a lot of medical records and a lot of us engage unwittingly in risk taking behavior that might as well be like skydiving. If you live in the suburbs, you don’t walk enough. I was just in NYC and everyone is thinner there because they walk all the time. They are also prettier and taller, but I think that has something to do with the drugs they are using. So, before you end up looking like 128 Grazer in January, try to get 7,000 steps in a day or just do something physical every day, however small. Your body and future will appreciate it. I have a friend who is 73 and had a heart attack and recovered, but his doctor said he needs to exercise more to keep healthy. Exercise had never really been part of his life and he had to start at square one to learn how. It’s a long road to learn how to do something at 73 for the very first time. It just is. If you start walking now, you may lose the fat bear challenge, but you may feel better in 20 years.