Special Cases

Having practiced law in both Philadelphia and Montgomery Counties, I have seen my fair share of unique and interesting cases, and have come to the conclusion that no two cases are ever the same.

Pennsylvania laws too are often unique with many small ins and outs that need to be taken into consideration, when seeking remuneration for many types of injuries.

Below are a few of the special cases that I have worked with over the years. If your current situation does not fit any of the following, it does not mean you don't have a case. Your best course of action is to give me a call and together we can discuss your options.

Special Cases I've Handled

They were supposed to take care of my mother. Isn't that what a senior care center does?

Can I actually sue the City of Philadelphia?

Unquestionably, I highly recommend Andrew to anyone requiring legal counsel; You can't go wrong with the generosity, intelligence and work ethic of this man.
Regina P.