Bed Bugs in Philadelphia

Bed bugs in Philadelphia? Is it possible? The sad truth is “yes” bedbug infestations are not only possible, they are on the rise in Philadelphia and many other Pennsylvania towns. Bed bugs can cause painful bites and related medical problems, not to mention the costs of getting rid of the bed-bugs from mattresses, furniture and the home itself. And so it is important for innocent people to be made whole after an infestation occurs.

Getting rid of a bed bug infestation is your first step. Once you have gotten control of the problem, it’s vital you find out where the bedbugs came from? Hotels and furniture sellers are notorious for causing bed bug infestations and with the rise in infestations has come an increase in bed bug lawsuits. Who exactly is liable for an infestation can be a complicated matter. If you find yourself in such a situation, it’s vital you speak with a lawyer who can walk you through your options.

Getting rid of bed bugs and recovering from the emotional stress and physical ailments that accompany them is a challenge for anyone. If bed bugs have become an issue, give me a call today. As with the rest of the country, bed bugs have arrived in Montgomery County and in Philadelphia and so it is prudent to know your rights should you or someone you know, become a victim.