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Auto Accidents

"You mean you don't have insurance?
   And you are still driving AND you just hit me?"
"Since my accident, I've had this ringing in my ears.
   What should I do?"

It only takes moments for an accident to happen, but the aftermath of that accident impacts drivers and passengers for years into the future. The sooner that you speak with a personal injury lawyer regarding an auto accident, the more complete the investigation of that accident can be and the more options you will have regarding compensation for your injuries and other damages.

So much can happen in the blink of an eye. Don't hesitate after an accident; once the authorities are notified, your next call should be to my office. I'm here to help.

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Personal Injury Cases

“The one thing I'm absolutely positive of is
   her death did not have to happen. What can I do now?"
"Did you know that intoxicated individuals are often
    the cause of serious injuries...  TO OTHERS?"

What appears as a minor injury today may escalate into a serious, permanent injury requiring repeated surgeries or years of physical therapy. Let me help. If you have suffered an injury in the greater Philadelphia area, call me today and we can discuss your options.

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Special Cases

"They were supposed to take care of my mother, isn't
   that what a senior care center does?"
"Can I actually sue the City of Philadelphia?"

Life is full of complexities and unique situations. And accordingly, so is the law. A good lawyer will help you navigate the often complex nature of the courts, to help take care of your family and of your own person.

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Unquestionably, I highly recommend Andrew to anyone requiring legal counsel; You can't
go wrong with the generosity, intelligence and work ethic of this man.
Regina P.
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