Dog Bites

Dog bites often turn into personal injury cases for various reasons. First, the growth in people adopting dangerous dogs, such as pit bulls presents a risk of harm. While there are plenty of sweet pit bull pets, there are some dangerous dogs out there. Aggressive dog behavior is frequently missed by people and difficult to anticipate.

While the news media seems to focus mostly on Philadelphia when it comes to animal attacks, a dog bite is just as if not more likely to occur in the suburbs, like Upper Darby, Plymouth Meeting or Landsdowne.

In Pennsylvania, the owner or person responsible for a dog who attacks and causes serious injury requiring surgery is strictly liable for his or her dog, even if it is the first time the dog has injured someone. In most situations, it does not matter what the person was doing when attacked. The law is set up to hold the animal and owner responsible for serious injuries. Homeowners’ insurance covers dog bites. In Pennsylvania, insurers are not allowed to exclude certain dogs from insurance coverage.

Unfortunately, children can suffer life changing wounds due to their being less wary of animals or having slower reaction times. Children's wounds can lead to scarring and disfigurement with a lifetime of adjustment to the child's condition.

Dog bites of any sort can lead to torn skin, broken bones, infection, and the need for reconstructive surgery or other major medical care. I regularly represent both minors and adults injured by dog bites of varying severity. If you or a loved one has been bitten, please give my office a call to discuss your possible next steps.