Slip and Fall

Have you fallen recently in a public place? Who is to blame when an accident like this occurs? People fall on public sidewalks, in stores, or other institutions for any number of reasons. Sometimes, these falls are the result of poor maintenance or a lack of care to the property.

To have a strong case in a city like Philadelphia, you must show that you were injured by a dangerous condition which the landowner knew about or should have known about. Landowners can be cities, townships, government agencies, such as SEPTA, landlords or property owners.

Even without being able to show clearly that the landowner was aware of the defect, we can often demonstrate that the he should have known of the defect with reasonable effort or diligence. Landlords and municipalities owe the pedestrian or customer visiting their business the responsibility to investigate and make sure that their property is safe for use. If ice is not cleared, or sidewalks or steps are uneven, injuries often result from falls.

If you have fallen and are unsure what to do next, give my office a call. Together we can discuss the situation and figure out the next steps.