The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority (SEPTA) owns and operates the buses, subways, trains and trolleys that many people rely on every day for safe, efficient transportation. As a business transporting passengers, SEPTA owes its riders a higher duty of care than your typical vehicle driver. Bus accidents, trolley accidents, reckless driving, derailed trains, quick starts and stops, defective doors and negligent behavior by SEPTA operators cause many passengers, pedestrians, and drivers to experience sometimes severe and permanent physical injuries.

As a government-owned and operated agency, special rules apply when pursuing a personal injury claim against SEPTA, such as reduced timeframes in which to file an injury claim, caps on the amount of damages awarded, and limits on the types of claims that will be compensated. If a SEPTA accident has left you injured, you need to act fast to protect your rights to compensation. Call our office today for more information.