Tinnitus and Other Airbag Injuries

Tinnitus is often overlooked by patients and medical providers following the incident in which it occurred. Tinnitus is a persistent ringing in the ears, which is often caused by loud noises near the eardrum such as explosions, high decibel sounds such as rock concerts, and airbag deployment in car accidents. In the air bag deployment, the rapid expansion of the airbag comes with a high pressure burst of gas and noise that often causes this ringing. While the acute or immediate injury from the accident may heal over time, some people are afflicted with tinnitus for the rest of their lives. Many Pennsylvania drivers have experienced both temporary and long term Tinnitus.

Why does Tinnitus matter to you as a client? Tinnitus is often overlooked or undervalued by attorneys and insurance companies trying to value your case. Most insurance claims adjusters are focused on your recovery from the immediate effects of the accident such as broken bones, sprains, strains, and the like. Time may pass before Tinnitus can be diagnosed, making it harder to prove that the accident caused the issue.

This is a challenging type of case, but one that can bring some measure of relief to the suffering client. Further, tinnitus cases require a fair amount of persuasion of judges and jurors who may be unfamiliar with the condition and how it impacts your life. In contrast, simple hearing loss is a condition that most jurors can appreciate. Convincing decision makers that tinnitus is as devastating as hearing loss is a challenge but one that is worth pursuing.

Airbag deployments are violent events that can cause other injuries. In both Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties, I have represented people who suffered torn wrist ligaments and burns resulting from the airbag deploying. Also, I have represented people who suffered traumatic damage to their vision following the airbag hitting them in the face. All of the these cases are worth pursuing.