Nursing Home

Nursing home negligence cases in Pennsylvania are becoming more prevalent these days. Regardless of why a person ends up needing full time care, they are entitled to certain basic rights and protections. There are certain “Never Events” that describe what should never be endured by a nursing home resident:

  1. A resident should not be the victim of mental, sexual or physical abuse, including unlawful restraint, at the hands of nursing home staff or other residents.
  2. A resident should not develop a Grade III or IV pressure ulcer while in the care of a nursing facility. It is generally accepted that these pressure ulcers can be avoided with proper attentiveness and care.
  3. A resident should not leave or walk away from a facility or be left without proper supervision within the facility.

Often, physical abuse of an elderly patient can result in hospitalizations and a rapid decline in condition. These are highly sensitive cases that may be difficult to prove if the injured person is unable to fully tell their story due to mental decline. Contact us if you find a loved one in one of these situations.