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Ah, Clarence. As we all know, a leopard cannot change its spots. Does anyone know anyone who would like to pay for my children to go to private school even though they are not your children? It seems that this is not worth disclosing if you are C

larence. It certainly seems like a stain on the ethical credibility of the man who was never the leading light of the Court. It is fair to say that he does not care and his lifetime appointment makes sure that he does not have to care. However, he is seriously damaging the Court’s reputation in the eyes of most people, who normally don’t know or care much about what the Court does. For those of us who pay passing attention to the devious underhanded shenanigans of the Court, it is about time that people woke up to see that the Court is not their friend and not staffed with fair, honest, and well-intentioned people. The justices are often political creatures and the Court merely gives them a platform to express their political views. Amusingly, clarence and alito are not very good at politics and are making things very hard for their preferred party.