Were you injured because of someone else’s negligence? Were you in a car accident? Did you fall on an icy sidewalk or in a pothole? Call Neuwirth Law for a free consultation. I make money for my clients. $750,000 for exposure to toxic fumes at a home; $350,000 for a car accident with surgery. $200,000 for a fall on ice at a Montgomery County mall with a knee injury.

Fighting accident cases is what I do. I won’t take your case unless someone else was clearly at fault and you have serious injuries. I do not run a high volume practice. You will get to know me and my staff. I will know you and your case from start to finish. I am looking for nice clients with serious injuries from someone else’s negligent conduct. If you have questions, give me a call at 215-259-3687 or visit me at www.neuwirthlaw.com.

96% of injury cases settle. What they settle for depends upon how much your lawyer pushes the case and how much your lawyer spends to prove your damages. I push cases and spend money to make the insurance company recognize that your case is worth real money. With a likeable client and real injuries, I get great settlements for my clients. And, while every case is different and past success is no predictor of future results, a long track record is proof of quality in my mind.

I have been a lawyer for 20 plus years. I have an Ivy League education. I was an Assistant District Attorney in New York City for six years and was a medical malpractice defense lawyer for eight years before beginning my plaintiff’s practice.
I have been running my own practice here in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania for nearly ten years. If you meet the criteria above, I would be happy to talk to you about your case.

Most of my practice is car crashes, slip and fall cases, and people consult me about a lot of medical malpractice since I defended these cases for years. I can read medical records better than most doctors and enjoy an aggressive cross-examination of everyone on the other side of your case. I have sued churches, auto body shops, insurance companies, yoga studios, oil delivery companies, Uber, Lyft, Sunoco, and everyone else in between. If you were seriously hurt, I can help.

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