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The recession is coming, whether we like it or not. I am not an economist, but have been around long enough to see the signs. If the stock market is selling off, home prices are cooling, Amazon is laying people off, and layoffs are starting to creep into the news, one should be on recession watch. We have been in a year or two of wildly low unemployment. If you want a job and do not have one right now, go find one because events are going to turn against you soon. Inflation may fall, but once business gets a whiff of recession, their first reaction is to stop hiring or lay off five percent of the workforce. I deal with people, lawyers, clients in all walks of life. I think that personal injury law is actually one of the few practices along with bankruptcy law to thrive in recessions. People who are injured, but employed are less likely to call me than when they are out of work and desperate for cash. So, when the economy tanks, calls ramp up. Just be warned and be careful.