Slip and Fall on Business Property Injury Attorney Wayne

I want to sue a business for my fall. Do you want to sue, Wal Mart, Target, WaWa, the King of Prussia Mall, a movie theatre, or any other business in Wayne.

Were you injured in a slip and fall? Did you fall due to an icy sidewalk? Did you fall in a pothole in a parking lot? We get great results for slip and fall clients. $175,000 for a fall into a pothole in Wayne with rotator cuff surgery. $200,000 for a fall on ice at a Montgomery County mall with a knee injury. $55,000 for a fall on a broken up sidewalk in Delaware County with a broken eye socket or fractured orbit. If so, give me a call at 215-259-3687 or schedule a consultation here.

What should you do? First, you need to know and take photos of what caused your fall. That is really helpful. Second, give me a call! Third, we need to prove that the property owner had notice of the dangerous condition. So, eyewitness accounts, business premises manager statements, surveillance videos are all super helpful to your case.

Property owners have an obligation to you as a customer to inspect and maintain their property and an obligation to find out that dangerous conditions exist. This is a pretty big responsibility for the property owner. Basically, if they invite you to their store to do business, it should be safe for you to visit? Makes sense, right? For example, if it is raining heavily and your bank does not put anti-slip mats down and you fall and break your leg, the bank should be held accountable.

Be aware that ambulance personnel, ER nurses and everyone else is writing down what you say hurt you and caused your injury. Make sure you are clear with them about what happened. They often get it wrong.

Finally, these are good cases to pursue. Juries believe that property owners should keep their property safe for you to visit. If you live in Wayne and you’ve been injured, give me a call at 215-259-3687 or schedule a consultation here.