What is this? It’s a Slingshot. It looks like a deathbox to me.

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So, this beauty showed up in my office parking lot recently. I love cool flashy things just as much as the next guy, but this doesn’t seem like a plan for long life. It apparently is classified as a motorcycle.  So, in some states, not PA, you are required to wear a helmet in your slingshot.  It might be a good idea, but definitely not required.

Plus, you are buying a highway vehicle from Polaris, which is well known in the water going community for making….. motorized rubber boats that can race around on the water.

How does a Slingshot stack up to a normal car.  There are no airbags and no crash tests reported.  The vehicle has no top and is fairly light at 1700 pounds or so.  Things that go fast and are light have a tendency to roll over when impacted.  And, the little windshield will not protect you when a contractor’s ladder flies off his truck.

It looks like a fun jetski for land. Maybe I am being Debbie downer about this, but the crashes I see with motorcycles are pretty devastating for the riders. I expect the slingshot crashes have similar outcomes.