Winston Wolf: “It’s 30 minutes away, I’ll be there in 10” aka Ugh, the driving out there is terrible.

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Several times a week, I weave my way down to Philly and I must say that people seem to be taking liberties with ye olde traffic laws that I did not see before the pandemic.  Much like airline passengers acting out, you see some crazy stuff out there these days.  Driving the wrong way to avoid having to wait for cars to move up seems to be particularly popular.  For my clients, the hit and run is a particular favorite.  Don’t forget to have UM/UIM insurance people.  Meaning Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage.  This coverage protects you from hit and runs or some kid with minimum coverage hitting you.  They should call it hit and run coverage.  Then, everyone would buy it, but I guess that would be bad for the insurers so we call it something nobody, but an insurance lawyer can understand until it’s too late.

One popular way to injure oneself is riding a motorcycle on Philly streets.  There are so many ways to hurt oneself riding a motorcycle that involve nothing but driving normally.   The bikes are not themselves dangerous, but the combination of motorcycle, bad roads, and physics seems to take its toll on my clients.  I choose to omit the reckless motorcyclists as they are not my clients, I think.  Mostly, these are young guys who are just calamitously injured and need my help.  I have seen deaths, grievous scarring, skin grafts, and amputations in my cases.  I understand the enjoyment of these bikes and I ride a bicycle all summer outdoors for exercise.  You can get almost as hurt on a bicycle, but the added speed of the motorcycle increases the risk dramatically.