Can I Sue 7-Eleven?


Greetings, I’m Andrew Neuwirth. Today, we’ll delve into the topic of accidents – specifically slip and fall incidents, as well as vehicular accidents in 7-11 parking lots. This episode is entirely focused on 7-11. For those unfamiliar, 7-11 is a widely used convenience store chain in our Philadelphia region, providing daily necessities such as coffee and car fuel.

However, with any commercial operation, there comes a certain level of risk. Accidents, including those causing personal injury, can occur. Particularly in the crowded and often chaotic parking lots, mishaps are not uncommon. I’ve come to know of individuals who have endured significant injuries due to falls or by being struck by vehicles in 7-11 parking lots. It’s crucial to understand that, like any other commercial property owner, they’re liable for their negligence.

Do I have reservations about suing 7-11? Absolutely not. Do I believe juries might be biased in favor of 7-11? That’s unclear.

In our lives, we all have places we frequent like 7-11. But let’s be clear, as a legal professional, I won’t hesitate to take action against those who are culpable. I’ve initiated legal proceedings against a wide variety of entities, from yoga studios to churches. I generally avoid lawsuits against CHOP, the Children’s Hospital, mainly because of its widespread positive reputation and the inherent complexities of medical malpractice cases.

Let’s return to 7-11. What are the typical grounds for a lawsuit against them, and what are the common issues? Drink spills causing falls are frequent occurrences. Could you sue 7-11 for a spilled drink on their premises? Potentially, but such cases are complex as you have to establish 7-11’s awareness of the spill. Despite this, the most serious cases typically involve the parking lots.

People often slip on inadequately painted lines in the parking lot, a problem exacerbated by Pennsylvania’s frequent rainfall. The confined space, high traffic, and poor visibility can lead to pedestrians getting struck. These have been some of the most severe 7-11-related cases I’ve encountered. Is 7-11 solely at fault? Not entirely. However, do they bear some responsibility for the parking lot’s design? Most certainly.

In my experience, most such cases are settled, with 7-11 showing a willingness to work towards resolution and offering fair settlements. However, if you’re seeking full compensation, be prepared to go to court.

If you’re considering handling a legal situation yourself, remember that this can lead to more mistakes than you can anticipate. The practice of law isn’t a DIY endeavor. If you have a serious case, it’s recommended to seek professional help. You wouldn’t risk $20,000 or more on your DIY abilities, would you?

Finally, we circle back to 7-11. As a commercial property, they bear the same responsibility as any other business to ensure safety on their premises. Commercial property owners must identify potential hazards and rectify them. If they fail to do so, they can and will be held accountable.

That concludes today’s discussion centered on 7-11. This blog is sponsored by my law firm, Neuwirth Law Office, a personal injury firm located in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, just outside Philadelphia. We serve all surrounding counties. Please remember, this blog doesn’t constitute legal advice; it’s predominantly my opinion based on my experiences and impacts on my clients.