2023 BEGINS…

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  As we swirl around the sun again another time, we hope all your 2023 verdicts go your way, and may Judges laugh at all your jokes.


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So, summer has come to a close and now the real work of litigation kicks into high gear. Anything that was put off for summer reasons, whether good or bad, is now on the front burner. A lot of work was put off till after Labor Day and now we are going to be in the middle of a lot …


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  “COMBAT TACTICS, MR. RYAN” from The Hunt For Red October starring Sean Connery and Alec Baldwin: Jones (VO): Torpedo in the water.  High speed screws.  Bearing zero-two-zero.  I estimate range at eight thousand yards. Mancuso: You’re heading straight into that torpedo. Ramius: I know. The torpedo hits the sub, but it does not explode.  Instead, it breaks-up on the …

The New Normal: Are You Going Back To The Office?

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So, as far as I can tell, we are in the new normal and that involves hybrid work environments for lawyers. I was visiting lawyers recently and their office park in Montgomery County was 90% empty of cars. That is the same for my large suburban office park. This should not be news to youse. This is my experience as …


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HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, is the basis for the forms you sign when you go to your doctor’s office. Your signature indicates that you agree that it is okay for your doctor to share your health information with insurers, who pay for your care, hospitals, other doctors, etc.  People periodically are incensed and call me complaining …


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This is easily the most boring and most significant federal law I deal with on a weekly basis. ERISA is a borderline impenetrable area of the law. Basically, the federal government created a system whereby health plans and employer sponsored health plans and other employer benefits enjoy really special benefits. The stated purpose of ERISA is to allow large companies …


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I always believe that there is a grand conspiracy, intentional or otherwise, to slow things down for the summer. Lawyers and judges vacation, clients are less interested in stressful depositions, and generally, the practice of law slows down for the summer. It has always been this way as long as I can remember. It is a good time to work …

Uvalde, Guns, and Hubris

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As a parent, human, and American, the disaster that was the school shooting at Uvalde cannot be more raw and upsetting.  This disaster was the result of the confluence of two problems. One is our gun crazy country and the other is the hubris of law enforcement. Hubris means arrogance or an exaggerated self-confidence or belief in your own rightness …

A Word from the Editor: Welcome to Summer

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  The last months  have been downright gnarly. Bad news abounds: shootings, war, soaring gas prices, SCOTUS–we even had Covid. So as we slide into Summer and a new Volume of The Neusletter, we hope that things turn around, and you get naught but tasty waves and a cool buzz, and that everything is fine. All The Best! THE NEUSLETTER


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TEXTING AND DRIVING CAN CRUSH YOUR HANDS BUT SAVE THE PLANET? So, the opening five minutes of the original Dr. Strange movie shows our hero, Benedict Cumberbatch as the future Dr. Strange, distractedly driving his Lamborghini on a country road while reading brain CT scans on his phone on his car console.  He then proceeds to crash because he is …