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Bad advice leads to bad outcomes.

A potential client recently contacted me 22 months after an out of state car accident. The case sounded fairly easy and something I would have been interested in 22 months ago. However, when queried as to why it took 22 months to contact a lawyer, the client reported that a lawyer told them to wait until the statute of limitations was almost up before contacting a lawyer.
Now, I don’t know if this is the worst legal advice ever given to a client. But, in personal injury practice, it may qualify as such. This advice prevented the client from turning an okay or decent case into a good one and, frankly, prevented the client from having a case at all. The only “lawyer” I can think of that would provide such advice is State Farm in house counsel or some similar pathetic excuse for a practitioner. There, I said it.
There are other legendary bad pieces of legal advice, but I have not spent too much time collecting them. How about selling the fake electors scheme to trump? That may go down as a doozy. Not only did you likely get the leader of the free world convicted, but you also lost your law license and that of a bunch of other lawyers. Excellent work.