Can I Sue Royal Farms?


Hello, I’m Andrew Neuwirth. Today’s topic is accidents – more specifically, slip and fall incidents, and vehicular accidents in Royal Farms parking lots. This episode focuses entirely on Royal Farms. For those who may not know, Royal Farms is a prevalent convenience store chain in our Philadelphia region, offering daily essentials like coffee and gasoline.

However, any commercial operation is not without its risks. Accidents, including ones that result in personal injury, can and do happen. This is particularly true in the congested and often chaotic parking lots, where mishaps are not rare. I’ve come across individuals who have sustained severe injuries due to falls or being hit by cars in Royal Farms parking lots. It’s important to remember that Royal Farms, like any other commercial property owner, is liable for negligence.

Would I hesitate to sue Royal Farms? Not at all. Is there a chance that juries might have a bias in favor of Royal Farms? That’s uncertain.

We all have our go-to places like Royal Farms. However, as a legal professional, I won’t hesitate to take action against those accountable. I’ve pursued lawsuits against a variety of entities, from yoga studios to churches. That said, I generally steer clear of lawsuits against CHOP, the Children’s Hospital, mainly due to its widespread positive reputation and the inherent difficulties of medical malpractice cases.

Let’s return to Royal Farms. What are the common reasons for a lawsuit against them, and what are the recurring problems? Slip and fall incidents due to drink spills are commonplace. Could you sue Royal Farms for a spilled drink on their premises? Perhaps, but these cases are intricate as you must demonstrate Royal Farms’ knowledge of the spill. Despite this, the most severe cases often involve the parking lots.

Individuals frequently slip on poorly painted lines in the parking lot, a problem compounded by Pennsylvania’s regular rainfall. The tight space, heavy traffic, and low visibility can result in pedestrians being hit. These incidents have been some of the most serious Royal Farms-related cases I’ve seen. Is Royal Farms solely to blame? Not entirely. But do they bear some responsibility for the design of the parking lot? Definitely.

From my experience, most such cases are settled, with Royal Farms showing a readiness to work towards resolution and offering fair settlements. However, if you’re aiming for full compensation, be prepared for the possibility of court proceedings.

If you’re thinking of managing a legal situation by yourself, bear in mind that this can result in more errors than you might anticipate. Practicing law is not a DIY project. If you’re dealing with a serious case, it’s advisable to seek professional assistance. You wouldn’t want to gamble $20,000 or more on your DIY skills, right?

Finally, let’s come back to Royal Farms. As a commercial property, they share the same responsibilities as any other business to ensure safety on their premises. As commercial property owners, they must identify and correct potential hazards. If they fail in these duties, they can and will be held accountable.

That wraps up our discussion on Royal Farms. This blog is sponsored by my law firm, Neuwirth Law Office, a personal injury firm located in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, just outside Philadelphia. We serve all surrounding counties. Please note that this blog doesn’t serve as legal advice; it’s primarily my opinion based on my experiences and impacts on my clients.