How to Build a Book of Business or Are You Hungry?

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So, “how to” is the most searched term in the internet. Interesting right. It makes sense. How many of us have ever searched how to build a book of business? For lawyers and professional services businesses like CPA’s or architects, building a long-term book of business should be important if you want to succeed.  There are rainmakers and the worker bees, but you can ensure a long career if you are a rainmaker and not a worker bee. Worker bees are fungible. It’s SAT word day here at Neuwirth Law.

I am currently looking to meet professionals who don’t know me. If you want a free lunch and have a law degree, a CPA credential or an M.D. or D.O., I will come to you and lunch is on me.

I have a family member who I keep trying to send business to. They are a young lawyer, but they are always too busy to hop on the phone, talk to the client, and analyze whether there is a case there or not. I am referring the case because it is not my area of the law and I don’t know if it’s a case or not. I know another lawyer who worked an entire career as a defense lawyer for insurance companies and never had to and hence never did build a book of business outside of the insurers who sent them cases.

In both these situations, the lawyers are probably good lawyers doing good work on a daily basis, but they are missing the opportunity to build something. They probably don’t know what they are missing or what they should be doing. Sometimes, people are wracked with fear of risk and simply cannot leave the tried and true. But, if someone presents you with an opportunity to try something new or different, it is then up to you to follow through.

The simple process of reaching out to potential new business and seeing what works or what doesn’t is not easy for most people. I am not most people at least in my own mind. I don’t mind meeting people and chatting. I like to eat lunch. It’s fairly easy. The worst thing is that I met someone new. But, to not try is going to get you nowhere.