Insurance: The Necessary Evil



Auto-Insurance Best Practices:

  1. please make sure that you are Full Tort
  2. please make sure you have uninsured (UM) and underinsured (UIM) insurance coverage for yourself and your family.

I can drone on about why or what it is, but take my advice.  Regular old bodily injury insures if you hit someone else. Why would you protect your family less than you would protect the stranger you may hit? That does not make sense.  If you get hit by a young texting and driving kid, you probably don’t want to rely on the kid’s PA minimum coverage of $15,000.  So, ask your agent to fix that for you. Insurers don’t promote this coverage, though it is preferred by law, because it allows you to sue your own insurer and they don’t like that.  So, they keep it hushed up and confusing. Don’t be a sucker.