Texting and Driving Has Replaced Drunk Driving As The Biggest Danger On The Roads


Texting and Driving Has Replaced Drunk Driving As The Biggest Danger On The Roads:

Texting and driving or any form of distracted driving is very, very dangerous.  It cannot be reiterated or repeated too many times.  I see a lot of car crash cases and people uniformly deny texting and driving or being distracted.

In the past year, drivers in my cases have testified under oath that they were searching for gum that they had dropped on the floor of their car, searching for dropped chicken nuggets, or searching in the passenger’s wheel well for a closed bottle of water.  It goes unstated that there was no reason to retrieve the gum or nuggets.  What were you going to do? Eat them? Off the floor? Or, why were you reaching into the passenger wheel well while driving?  It is more likely that each of these people did not want to admit that they were texting or on snapchat etc. and caused the crash.

A fellow lawyer, Joel Feldman, conducts a class for high schoolers called end distracted driving.  You can watch it on you tube.  Sadly, Joel’s daughter was walking in broad daylight down the shore and was killed by a distracted driver, who was fiddling with his gps.  Joel will come to most area high schools for this presentation.  It is truly upsetting and a wake up call.

The reality is that we see a lot of people driving and looking at their phones.  Drunk driving used to be the norm for people.  Slowly, with a lot of effort, drunk driving became socially unacceptable and has slowly declined as a cause of crashes, death, and injury.  Texting and driving has not yet gotten the same traction.

So, don’t text and drive.  Please.

Here’s another photo from a texting and driving crash.

Ouch. Don’t do it.