The Trump Situation: One Case Is Usually Too Much for your average client.

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Again, regardless of your political position, as a lawyer, it is simply incomprehensible to think of a single client trying to handle all of these different, bet the farm type cases going on in the same calendar year. Many of my clients are normal, everyday folk, who work for a living, raise their families, support their kids and parents, go to church etc. They are most definitely not Trump. And, also not billionaires. Litigation takes its toll for various important reasons.  One, it drags on forever compared to what people normally go through. Two, it is stressful because few have been through litigation and they have to trust their lawyers. Three, it is either expensive to defend or there is a lot of money on the line. Four, my clients were hurt and want some sort of compensation or acceptance of fault. I know that criminal cases are different and to some extent there is more on the line with jail time and all that. But, the simple notion of having four major cases going on in different jurisdictions with different lawyers, judges, witnesses, co-defendants, etc. is simply really hard on normal people. Now, Trump is not normal people, but even the highest folks still have to answer lawyer interrogatories, keep up to speed on what is happening and why and make some decisions. Plus, as he is older, it is harder and harder to keep track of minutiae and litigation is all about minutiae. This is just going to take its toll on him and his lawyers. How, I don’t know, but it will.