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The Trump Show: I am going to sit down and read the trump indictments this weekend just to say I read them.

Favorite Song of the Summer: Benee’s Song: Green Honda (watch it below).

Get a Microphone!: If you participate in Zoom calls and are required to speak, please get a good microphone for your computer. I use a mic by Blue.  It’s like $150 but makes a huge difference. Everyone can hear me and I like to be heard. Unless you are a defense lawyer and cannot afford one or your insurance company client won’t pay for one. But, then you made your bed and have to lay in it.

Safety Razors: Some wizard in marketing is trying to make a comeback for safety razors, which are the things my dad used to shave in the morning. By the time I started shaving at 6 or 16, as I am hirsute, gilette had already come up with improvements. But, being a sucker, I paid 15 for a new safety razor and blades and after three shaves, I am done and into the trash it goes. What a waste. Minimal blood loss, but I can safely say that I view safety razors with the same curiosity that I view the amish horse drawn buggies. Nice for you, not for me.