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Here is a typical scenario. Rick was driving his motorcycle to work at his job as a bookkeeper for an auto parts store. He had always liked motors and machines and loved riding a motorcycle on a nice sunny day. On this particular day, he was stopped at a red light on a small side road when a kid driving an F-250, which is a large pickup truck, turned left in front of him off the main road. The kid did not leave enough room or did not see him and Bam! Rick was hit head on. Thankfully, the windshield and front tire took some of the impact and the truck wasn’t going more than 25mph. But, Rick had an instant thought of OMG I’m dead, then a rush of pain as his nose was hit by the windshield of his bike. His nose was instantly broken and bleeding everywhere. After the crash he jumped to the side of the road but could not get his left leg freed from the bike easily. A bunch of people jumped out to help him and brought him off to the side of the road. The other driver was very nice and apologetic and said he did not see Rick. Rick was just pissed off and covered in blood. The police took his bike and EMS took him to the hospital. Rick now had to begin the process of healing. He spent a week dealing with his bike insurance claims and explaining the situation. He went to work with two black eyes and a swollen face. He got better over the next month but could not walk up his stairs. His wife finally got him to go see a doctor about the stairs problem. It turns out that while nothing was broken, the big quad muscle was injured and was not working properly. So, surgery was recommended. Rick was no fan of doctors and chose physical therapy but that simply did not change the fact that his leg could not lift up easily. So, six months after the crash, he had surgery to repair the torn quadricep muscle and began physical therapy again. All because the other driver had to have a big truck and was simply not paying attention.