Why Did You Sell Your Rights Away?

Andrew NeuwirthCase Matters

Limited tort means you sold your rights away. And, you sold them cheaply too.

Did the auto insurance company tell you that? Do you know you are limited tort?

Check your declaration page or the statement of coverages. If it says limited tort, then you saved about $150 per year. In exchange, your insurance company got you to agree that you cannot sue for pain and suffering unless you have a serious impairment of a bodily function. What does that mean? It makes your case harder to pursue and riskier. In a suburban county, you might only be able to recover your lost wages or medical expenses.

Did you know that you gave up these rights? No.

Were you promised a cheaper policy? Yes.

Did you know that a year’s worth of physical therapy might not be considered pain and suffering?

Are there exceptions to limited tort? Yes, but there are limited exceptions.

At your next renewal, investigate whether you are limited tort or not. If you need your policy reviewed, I can give you an answer on what it provides in about 30 seconds.

Know your rights. Don’t sell them for pennies.