Bicycle Accidents

Accidents involving bicyclists are far too common. Being an avid cyclist and familiar with the risks and responsibilities that come with cycling, I am more than able to relate on a personal level. I log one thousand miles a year on my road bike and have seen all manner of bike accidents. I am familiar with the dangers posed by defective roadways, bridges, defective bicycle parts, and products, and the risks of riding in traffic and off road.

Often, motor vehicle drivers cause accidents by failing to watch for cyclists, turning into them, following too closely, or simply being aggressive toward cyclists rightfully sharing the road. Drunk driving is another unfortunate cause of cycling injuries.

Children are often injured in bicycle accidents and can suffer lifelong scarring, but adults suffer the greater proportion of fatalities, particularly in urban traffic situations. As more individuals seek to commute by bicycle, motor vehicles need to pay attention to this growing presence on the roadway.

If you are a bicyclist in, on or around our local Pennsylvania roads and have suffered or are suffering from an unfortunate biking accident, give my office a call (215-259-3687) to discuss your situation. I am here waiting to help.