How To Read Your Car Insurance Declaration Sheet For Pennsylvania Residents Part 1

Every Case Is Different.
This Piece Only Applies To Pennsylvania.

  1. Find your car insurance DECLARATION Page. This Declaration lists the insurance coverage that you requested and that you are entitled to. You can change this at any time.
  2. Your car or cars will be listed near the top of the page. Having more than one car affects your coverage.
  3. The first entry with numbers in it usually says BODILY INJURY.
    1. FOR EXAMPLE, Bodily Injury 15,000/30,000
  4. What Does this Mean?
    1. It means that you have $15,000 to pay for someone’s injuries if you hit them with your car.
  5. What does the 15,000/30,000 mean?
    1. 15,000/30,000 means that you have $15,000 in coverage if you hit a car with only one person in the car being hurt.
    2. If there are more people in the car that you hit, the total available insurance for their injuries is $30,000.
  6. Why $15,000?
    1. That is the State Minimum Insurance in Pennsylvania.
    2. That allows you or anyone to drive a car legally.
  7. The next entry is usually something like MEDICAL COVERAGE.
    1. This is medical coverage for YOU if YOU are injured in a crash.
    2. Sometimes, it may also apply to someone you hit if they don’t have a car.
    3. Lawyers and Insurers call this PIP for Personal Injury Protection.
    4. PIP or medical coverage will act in place of your health insurance for accident related injuries.