I am off to Park City, Utah to hit the slopes with my family next week. Skiing is a hobby and something that global warming has seriously affected. Out west, they have crazy amounts of snow right now. But, along with the awesome pow, it seems that there are some awesome lift ticket prices too. I know that it is …

Last Issue for 2023

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Things to do: 1. Fix the Eagles; 2. Lose weight without Ozempic; 3. Finish writing first novel; 4. Grow Business; 5. Hope daughter gets into college. I am guessing that #5 is going to work out okay, but it’s a stressful time for every family with a high school senior looking at going to college.


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Ah, the holiday season. I got my first static electric shock this morning and it always serves as a reminder that winter is coming. On another note, Cherelle Parker was elected as the first female Mayor of Philadelphia. She has a lot on her plate and while it is nice to have a historical change and perhaps some more energized …

What happens When You Win a Motion for Summary Judgment or What I did this weekend on my way to Tenerife?

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  Tenerife you say? I had a chance to go visit the Canary Islands over the Labor Day holiday weekend and Tenerife is one of the largest and most visited islands in the chain. It’s a long but entertaining story. Anyway, the Islands are a bit like Europe’s Caribbean, I think.  Beautiful, volcanic islands off the coast of Africa and …

Pan Mass Challenge Completed

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I had a nice 200-mile ride across Massachusetts this past weekend. The weather was about 72 degrees and partly sunny, which is perfect weather for cycling. We have raised $50 Million so far as of this weekend and probably will get to $70 Million. Not a bad haul and all rider dollars go to Dana Farber. My team, Brooklyn Love, …

Happy Bastille Day!


  Nothing celebrates radical democracy in action quite like Broadway schmaltz, so here is the cast of Les Mis @ The 1986 Tony Awards



Finally, have a Happy Easter, Happy Passover, and Ramadan.  It is a lovely time to be in Eastern Pennsylvania as all our trees are flowering and it is really very pretty here for a while.