Ask Andy Why Your Medical Records Can Hurt Your Case

As a slip and fall accident attorney, I discuss how your medical records can help or hurt your case. I discuss real world situations where a case was devastated by the client’s statements at the ER and how we lawyers evaluate and work with records of your slip and fall.

Ask Andy Picking A Jury In Philadelphia

How Philadelphia civil juries are selected. As a car accident attorney, I am picking juries three to four times a year on cases. I address how we select jurors in actual civil car accident cases. It is a quick and fluid process that seeks to get jurors that both lawyers can live with and jurors who can listen to your case fairly.

Ask Andy Pedestrian Hit By Car

As an accident attorney this podcast explains pedestrian hit by car accidents, insurance available for these cases, negligent infliction of emotional distress, and other related issues.

Ask Andy Will My Case Go To Trial

As an auto accident attorney, I have a good feel for which cases will get close to trial and which won’t. Most cases do not go to trial because we can find a number that is satisfactory to both sides to settle your case. Trials happen when there is a big difference of opinion on case value. As lawyers, we like trying auto accident cases, but they are risky and most people are risk averse.

Ask Andy Dog Bite Case Issues

Do you need a dog bite attorney? This podcast addresses how I analyze your dog bite case, what makes your case have more value or less, and what sort of evidence can be collected in discovery of aggressive dog behavior.

Ask Andy Best And Worst Insurance Companies

Who are the best and worst insurance companies in my opinion. Why is one company good and another terrible. Which company is looking to actually help you and which is looking out only for itself?

Ask Andy Costs And Fees In Personal Injury Cases

What can you expect to pay in costs and fees in your personal injury case? Costs are explained generally as are contingency fees. Most people are not willing to risk their money on their case. I have the money to risk and the experience to pursue your case.

Ask Andy Limited Tort And It’s Exceptions

This podcast addresses limited tort and it’s exceptions. When does limited tort apply and what does it mean. How injured do you have to be to breach the limited tort threshold. How does a lawyer help with limited tort.