Ask Andy Medical Malpractice

My thoughts as a medical malpractice lawyer on whether you have a good case or not. Strong cases look different to me than they look to the patient or client.

Ask Andy Texting And Driving

Texting and driving is simply unsafe. As an accident attorney, I deal with these crashes often. They can cause a lot of damage. Try and avoid it.

Ask Andy Suing The City Of Philadelphia

Practice tips and pointers that lawyers need to know about timing, settlement, nuances of cases involving a slip and fall attorney or pothole injury attorney.

Ask Andy Settling A Minor’s Case

This episode addresses how a minor’s case is handled from settlement on. As an injury lawyer I work with the family and the judge to get the settlement approved. I address what fees are charged, how long it takes, and a little about the secrets of the system.

Ask Andy Valuing Pain And Suffering

This episode addresses valuing cases and what goes into figuring out money damages. As a car accident attorney, an important part of my work is putting a number on what you are going through. Figuring that number out depends on lots of factors that are discussed.