“Elopement” Or My Mother Or Father Walked Away From The Nursing Home

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Your family member walked away from their nursing home or went missing.

The nursing home did not realize they were missing until it was too late.

The nursing home industry and lawyers dealing with nursing home negligence call this Elopement.

This is not like marriage elopement where you skip the wedding formalities and just run off and get married.

When you put your family member in a nursing home or some sort of assisted living facility, you expect them to be safe, at a minimum.

Danger is to be expected when a patient who is supposed to be supervised leaves a nursing home facility unattended or without supervision.

Patients are in the nursing home because they need supervision.

They may have Alzheimers or other memory impairments. If the patient has memory impairments or other problems making good decisions, they will find it hard to get back to the facility. Or they will wander into dangerous situations like crossing unfamiliar streets or wandering into the woods.

Many of the worst elopement cases are ones where a patient, who was supposed to be supervised, wanders off into the woods and dies of exposure, or loses function from exposure.

A nursing home can prevent elopements by installing locking systems to keep residents from venturing out without supervision. Key cards, bed alarms, and other routine systems used in schools will foil inadvertent elopement situations.

Oftentimes, patients are sadly seeking to return to their homes or families from the unfamiliar or unpleasant nursing home setting. However the patient, who is intentionally eloping, is still entitled to proper supervision, which means keeping them safe from their unsafe intentions.

I Was In A LYFT Car Accident

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Were you in a Lyft or UBER car when you were in a car accident?

Who will help with your injuries?

Is there coverage for your medical bills?

When you are the PASSENGER in a Lyft or UBER vehicle:

When you are the passenger in an UBER or LYFT car, the driver has car insurance for his personal vehicle that you are riding in. But, that car insurance company will not be responsible for your pain, suffering, or medical bills.

This is because the car insurer will say that they will not insure a commercial vehicle.

So, you have to contact LYFT or UBER. Both of these companies actually have good insurance coverage compared to your typical taxicab company.

LYFT uses York Risk Group and Steadfast insurance. York is the point of contact if you are injured in a crash. I have heard a lot of complaints about York. Don’t be surprised if they are not organized or responsive to your requests. They are slightly more responsive to lawyers. In Pennsylvania, they have an obligation to deal fairly with injured crash victims.

If you are in car crash in Pennsylvania, you are entitled to $5,000 in medical coverage at a minimum. LYFT will pay for that or the other car in the crash will pay. All you have to do is ASK!

If you are in a car crash and injured, you can also make a claim through a lawyer like me for pain and suffering.

If you find yourself with questions about this sort of situation, call Neuwirth Law Office, LLC or Andrew Neuwirth at 215-259-3687 or email me at andrew@neuwirthlaw.com or visit www.neuwirthlaw.com.

When you are the DRIVER of a Lyft or UBER vehicle:

When you are the driver in an UBER or LYFT vehicle that is involved in a crash, you will probably learn that your car insurance does not cover you for your collision or injuries. This is because you likely paid for a personal insurance policy for the car and did not advise the insurer that you were going to drive for UBER or Lyft. Therefore, your insurer will “disclaim” or refuse to pay. Commercial policies cover commercial activities and are more expensive and cover more.

If you are a ride share driver you should consider getting collision insurance on your car. Your car insurance will not cover it and then you are at the mercy of your ride share company.