Ask Andy Herniations And Injections

I discuss what is a disc herniation, why they matter, what they mean for your car accident case. Also, as a car accident attorney I discuss valuation of injections and herniations.

Ask Andy Elevator And Escalator Injuries

As an elevator injury attorney, I deal with injuries that result from these devices. Here, I discuss notice and machinery failures resulting in death, amputation, and broken bones.

Ask Andy SLAP Tears In Lawsuits

Easy cases and hard cases are discussed here. SLAP tears are easy because they are caused by trauma. Harder cases are ones where there is a causation problem. As a car accident lawyer, I spend a lot of time reading medical records looking for pre-existing conditions because that will be the insurance company’s defense.

Ask Andy Insurance Companies Don’t Care About Legal Fees

Most business people care about litigation costs and expenses. That is not true in personal injury practice as described in this podcast. As an injury attorney, I explain what insurance companies care about and why legal fees and expert costs don’t really matter to insurers.

Ask Andy US Supreme Court

Today is the start of the US Supreme Court’s term. The Court does not have a lot of effect on what we do as personal injury lawyers, but some thoughts on what the court does and how it functions are discussed.

Ask Andy Failure To Diagnose Cancer

Medical malpractice cases are an important part of our work as injury lawyers. This episode addresses failure to diagnose breast and colon cancer and what is a strong versus weak case to a lawyer.

Ask Andy Vaping Claims

A vaping lawsuit is basically claiming that the device or product caused harm. The injuries reported in the press are severe and very concerning. We are still waiting to identify the cause, the manufacturer etc. As a product liability lawyer, we are accepting these cases and waiting for more investigation to learn the causes of vaping illnesses.

Ask Andy Pre-Existing Condition

The eggshell plaintiff is the lawyer’s typical view of pre-existing conditions. If your pre-existing condition was aggravated by someone’s negligence you can seek damages.