Ask Andy Why Does A Case Take So Long?

As an accident attorney, I discuss delays in cases from the lawyers’ perspective. Why do cases take months to move forward in a clear accident and injury situation?

Ask Andy Mediation And Arbitration

What is mediation and what is arbitration? This episode discusses the nuts and bolts of why we take cases to mediation and arbitration and what these formats tell you about how the accident lawyers view your case.

Ask Andy Preparing Clients For Cross-Examination

Preparing a client for cross-examination is discussed with a focus on how I look at medical records as an injury attorney. Putting yourself in the other lawyer’s shoes is a good place to start.

Ask Andy Lost Wages And Accident Lawsuits

This episode talks about how your lost wages from your job fit into negotiation of your personal injury lawsuit settlement. As an injury attorney, I discuss timing of settlements and how your lost wages figure into settlement values.

Ask Andy Networking And Small Business

This episode discusses networking and how to grow your business network. Have a list of contacts and pay it forward. As an injury lawyer, persistent networking is an important part of business.

Ask Andy Punitive Damages

Ask Andy Punitive Damages
Punitive damages in personal injury cases. As an injury attorney, I discuss punitive DMD and how they are used as a pressure point in negotiation.