Ask Andy Cars Hitting Pedestrians

This podcast addresses different cases where cars hit people crossing the street. Was the victim a child or adult? Was the person crossing at the crosswalk or in the middle of the block? Did a child dart out? Could the driver have avoided the crash? These issues are all addressed rapidly from the lawyer’s perspective.

Ask Andy Pre – Existing Conditions And Back

This podcast addresses whether you can file a lawsuit despite having a pre-existing condition. If your condition was worsened by the incident, you have a case! I address basic disc injury and nerve pain and undiagnosed pre-existing conditions in a case I am working on.

Ask Andy Case Value And The Epidural Steroid

This podcast addresses how I value your car accident case and how epidural steroid injections increase the value of your case and demonstrate that your case is one of serious injury.

Ask Andy How To Help Your Slip And Fall Case

This podcast addresses tips to help you if you have fallen and injured yourself. You should photo what caused you to fall and everything around you. That means photo the street, the weather, the lighting, security cameras. You can really help your case. The property owner has an obligation to discover dangers like ice or holes on its walkways but you can help your case with photos. I discuss a case where a heating element in a gutter proved that the landowner knew there was a problem with their property before my lady fell on ice.

Ask Andy My Client’s Why Or Motivation

This podcast addresses my clients’ “why” or motivation. My clients were injured in a car accident that was not their fault and yet they get mistreated at every step of the way by the insurance company for the other side. This motivates them and me to pursue their case and get full value. All the client really wants is to be put back in the place or situation they were in before the car accident happened. This is their why.

Ask Andy Comparative Negligence

In this podcast Ask Andy addresses comparative negligence. This concept appears when you are somewhat at fault for the injury you suffered. In Pennsylvania, you can recover if you were less than 50 percent at fault. I discuss comparative negligence case examples and discuss assumption of the risk which is a related concept.

Ask Andy The Statute Of Limitations

In Pennsylvania, you have two years to file suit on your personal injury claim. If you fail to file in two years, you can never bring a case. There are exceptions such as the date of discovery or age of majority, but generally we want to be filing cases well ahead of the period running. There is also the state tort claims statute that governs suits against cities and has its own shorter time limit.

Ask Andy Sunoco Pipelines And Nuisance

When not done properly pipeline drilling can cause sinkholes and property damage. These are consider nuisances under the law. This podcast talks about what a nuisance is and gives examples of a recent nuisance, what that nuisance lawsuit would look like, and how an easement would affect your claims.

Ask Andy Boy Scout Sexual Abuse

There are recent news reports of the Boy Scouts of New Jersey keeping perversion files of sexually abusive Boy Scout leaders. This podcast addresses legal issues pertaining to Boy Scout sexual abuse cases. First, there is the issue of the statute of limitations. Second, there is the issue of how to get to the deep pocket of the national organization. Third, there is the issue of intentional tort and insurance coverage.