Ask Andy Nursing Home Negligence

This podcast addresses poor staffing and negligent care that results from it. I discuss what makes a strong case and specifically how a first fall followed by a fractured hip from a second fall is an example of poor staffing leading to poor care.

Ask Andy Hit And Run Car Crash And Insurance Coverage

This podcast addresses what happens when you are in a hit and run car crash and have no information on who hit you. Some people have uninsured motorist coverage for this situation. You should look on your declaration page to see if you have it. This podcast addresses how the uninsured claim plays out in real practice.

Ask Andy Medical Bills And Your Car Accident

This podcast addresses who pays your medical bills and how to get them reduced. There is a complex interplay of PIP or personal injury protection and Act 6 and other laws in play here. I discuss situations where an ambulance company is wrongly trying to collect too much money from you for a car accident and discuss why medical bills are paid out of your settlement.

Ask Andy Car Accident 101

This podcast addresses the basics of what to do after you have had a car accident. First, call your insurance company. Second, get PIP medical coverage set up. Third, get your car appraised and off the tow lot to avoid storage fees. Fourth, call a lawyer if you are hurt or have questions.

Ask Andy Cross – Examination Of The Defense Expert Witness

In this podcast I address my approach to cross-examination of the defense expert in a personal injury case. What is collateral source material, when to use it in the deposition, and what to use it for. What is a good approach or plan for cross and what goals you should have and finally what weaknesses are usually there for you to attack.

Ask Andy Why A Serious Case Will Not Settle Without Going To Court

This podcast addresses why a serious case will rarely settle without a lawsuit being filed. I address pre-suit evaluation of your case, necessary delays in getting your case evaluated and the process of negotiating a settlement. Finally, I address why cases cannot settle without a deposition and medical exam by the insurance company doctor.

Ask Andy Bicycle Hit By Car

This podcast addresses when a bicyclist is hit by a car. Whether road rage or simple negligence, there are many situations where car insurance or homeowner’s insurance can help with your bicycle crash.

Ask Andy Anxiety After Car Accidents

This podcast addresses anxiety after car accidents. A lot of clients suffer from situational anxiety after car accidents that were not their fault. They have fear sitting at a red light or driving in traffic. Seeing a social worker or therapist can help reduce and eliminate the anxiety with a few sessions of discussion.

Ask Andy Roosevelt Boulevard

This podcast addresses the dangers of Roosevelt Boulevard. There is a lot of speeding and racing on Roosevelt Boulevard. This leads to crashes, high speed injuries to people, cars, and pedestrians. Other than a routine car crash case, it is tough to sue the City of Philadelphia on these cases as the roadway itself not particularly dangerous.