Ask Andy Evidence Collection

As an accident attorney or injury attorney, the law in my area is not terribly complicated. But, evidence collection at the start of a case is very important. This podcast addresses taking photos, statements, FOIA requests, and spoliation of evidence.

Ask Andy Nursing Home Rape

Employees and fellow residents have been sexually assaulting residents at an alarming rate. As a nursing home abuse lawyer, this episode addresses resident on resident assault and employees assaulting residents.

Ask Andy What Is My Case Worth?

The proper answer to the what’s it worth question is… I don’t know. It all depends. As an accident attorney, valuing cases is part of my daily work. There are high value cases and low value cases and everything in between. Details like injuries, sick days used, lost wages, future surgery all figure into valuing a case for settlement.

Ask Andy Deposition Training

The plaintiff deposition in a car accident or fall case is a significant event. This episode addresses teaching clients what to look for and how to express the full gamut of their injuries.

Ask Andy What Is Discovery

Discovery in a car accident or personal injury lawsuit involves depositions, written questions, finding experts, and answering all the basic questions of what happened and how do I prove my client’s case.

Ask Andy What To Do After A Dog Bite

As a dog bite lawyer, first you should get to a doctor or hospital. Second, have someone figure out who owns the dog and if it has a vet or shots for rabies. Third, contact the police or health department and report the dog and incident.

Ask Andy Who Are You Going To Sue?

The type of defendant you sue matters to the success of your case. As a slip and fall attorney, decisions about suing the city of Philadelphia, suing a commercial property or mall owner, or suing a residential property owner greatly affect the value and prospects for success of your case.

Ask Andy Should I Miss Work To Help My Lawsuit

Nope. Don’t do that. Missing work does not help your case’s value and will hurt your income and your job prospects. I get this question all the time in first meetings with clients as their car accident attorney. As your lawyer, I tell everyone that the lost wages don’t make a big difference in valuation of your case. So, get back to work unless your doctor says not to go.